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My Swing Story

The best gift I have ever received was from my oldest brother Nick, when I was sixteen.

For Christmas, he gave me a checkbook with three prescribed checks made out to the local swing dance venue. I was the only sibling to receive a gift from him, so naturally I had assumed it was because I was his favorite. Later I would realize it was so he could throw me around doing air-steps without having to care if I got hurt. I became his partner, or doll–the rag kind, not the baby.

About a year later he left me for Hollywood. Chasing some dream about being a big time movie director or something.

At eighteen I followed. Why not? I didn’t want him to miss his favorite sibling. Besides, I had an agenda of my own. Chasing some dream about being a big time movie star or something.

Nick and I were doing a lot of chasing, which didn’t leave much time for dancing.

Becoming a big time movie star is harder then it looks. Though I discovered a lot of things I love while pursuing it: making short films, doing voice-over work, acting in plays, writing sketches, modeling, and comedy improv. It was actually through a connection from improv that got me back into swing dancing.

Neil Figuracion. Neil happened to be in the same improv class as me, he happened to be a great swing dancer, he happened to discover that I used to swing dance, so he happened to get me into an exclusive volunteer position at a swing dance weekend event called Camp Hollywood. Where I happened to fall back in love with the dance all over again.

I love inspiring other people to try swing dancing in hopes of giving them what I was fortunate enough to receive: Immense joy that comes from the dance.


If you are interested I can send you a copy of my resume.


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