Go from Good to Amazing

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Article by: Sierra Kane

These tips below are intended to help take your dancing to the next level!

Improve your basics

A swing dancers’ basic step is the foundation to everything else in their dancing. Keep the foundation strong by continually working and improving on it.

Practice perfectly

The phrase, “practice makes perfect”, is only true if you practice executing moves and technique accurately and precisely. Be a perfectionist when you practice if you want to improve quickly.

Invest time wisely

Utilize your time well. If you’re at a less crowded venue, where you are not dancing much, you can spend time you would otherwise be sitting out by studying other dancers or practicing your jazz steps in the corner.

Invest money wisely

Ask yourself if, at this point in your dancing, it is a better idea to invest your money in group lessons, private lessons, or better shoes?


Dancers who travel and learn experience a lot of growth. Different dance camps have top instructors who offer a variety of teaching styles and lessons to be learned.

Have a partner

Find a partner you can trust that has similar motivations. Set times to practice and rehearse so you can provide each other productive feedback and grow together.

Find your voice

Watch dancers who inspire you, don’t copy them, but instead take what you like and make it your own. It’s better to be a unique reflection of an inspiring dancer then it is to be their shadow.

Invest in your community

Get more beginners to come out dancing to help grow the scene. Promote venues, foster musician’s growth, support teachers you like by attending their workshops. Consider teaching, because you can learn as much, if not more, than your students.

Dance with all levels of dancers

Be adaptable. Truly great dancers can make any partner look like a star. Peter Flahiff is a great example of someone who excels at this.

peter Go from Good to Amazing

Always be open to learning

If you think you know it all, or if you think you’re the best you won’t grow. Then others who are growing in their dancing will quickly pass you.

Develop a relationship with the music

Listen and respond to the music. This to me is one of the biggest differences between a good dancer and an awesome dancer.

Think critically

Think about if something works and why it works or why it doesn’t. Understanding the physics and mechanics of the dance can help you better understand your dancing.


The quickest way to gaining recognition in this community is by competing and placing. Just know that being the best competitor does not mean being the best dancer.

Realize you have bad habits

Become aware of your bad habits, break them, then relearn the dance properly. This can be one of the most difficult things for a dancer to do. Dancers get so comfortable with their bad habits the behavior becomes very difficult to correct.

Make your partner feel like a star

Everyone wants to feel amazing. Do things to compliment and show off your partner.

Take care of your body

Exercise outside of dancing. Due to repetitive muscle strain, if you don’t exercise outside of dancing you will be more prone to injury. If you are injured let it heal…completely. Also learn to ice!

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