My Perfect Road Trip

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Article by: Sierra Kane

The movie, “Road Trip Nation”, is a documentary that follows a group of young individuals struggling to realize what they truly want out of life. They decide to take on a cross-country journey of self-realization. Along the way they interview a variety of inspirational successful individuals who offer their wisdom and stories of past experiences, embedded with an assortment of valuable to be taken from each story. The overarching theme in these happy and successful individuals’ lives seems to be that they chose to work towards what they were passionate about which lead to their careers, verses working towards a career so they could use the spare time and resources doing what they are passionate about.

This inspired me to devise a road trip of my own. A cross-country journey interviewing people in the swing dance world who inspire me, and countless others, everyday.


Santa Barbara

Sylvia Sykes. She is considered by many dancers to be the leading authority on Balboa, a type of swing dance that is similar to lindy hop but distinctly different type of style, movement, and feel. I would ask her a million and one questions about Balboa.


Houston Texas

Skye & Freda. This infamous swing dance duo travel so much to teach and compete that they can be quite difficult to pin down. I would visit them at the Lone Star Championships and ask them to share embarrassing stories about each other. Traveling and competing together for over seven years they must have some good stories!


New Orleans

Peter Loggins. He is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on jazz and vintage dances. He uses this knowledge to infuse his dances with history. I would dance with him and then ask him to tell history behind what we were doing.


New York

Norma Miller. She is known as the “Queen of Swing”. She is an influential black jazz dancer from New York who has been accredited to playing a powerful role in racial integration since the 1930’s. I would ask her about the difficulties she has had to overcome in her dancing career.

norma miller My Perfect Road Trip

Washington DC

Bobby White. He lives, breaths, and eats swing dancing for breakfast. His extensive knowledge makes him a sought after instructor and speaker. He also has a popular swing blog called Swungover*. I would want to make a fun video with him that we could both use for our blogs.

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