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Why venues should treat students like gold!

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Article By: Sierra Kane

As a senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising at California State University Fullerton I have learned that one of the wisest tactics a company can employ is to create brand loyalty among consumers.

For those who may not be familiar with this term, brand loyalty, happens when a consumer choses a brand based on  personal preference towards the brand verses heuristics. Disney is great at this, which is why Disneyland can charge about $400 more for an annual pass then Knott’s Berry Farm or Universal Studios.

“According to Drolet and Patrick Suppes, emeritus professor of philosophy at Stanford University, there’s evidence that habits play a more active role in decision-making than “rational choice theory,” a very influential idea.” http:/...

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Go from Good to Amazing

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Article by: Sierra Kane

These tips below are intended to help take your dancing to the next level!

Improve your basics

A swing dancers’ basic step is the foundation to everything else in their dancing. Keep the foundation strong by continually working and improving on it.

Practice perfectly

The phrase, “practice makes perfect”, is only true if you practice executing moves and technique accurately and precisely. Be a perfectionist when you practice if you want to improve quickly.

Invest time wisely

Utilize your time well. If you’re at a less crowded venue, where you are not dancing much, you can spend time you would otherwise be sitting out by studying other dancers or practicing your jazz steps in the corner.

Invest money wisely

Ask yourself if, at this point in your dancing, it is ...

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10 Tips for Beginners

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Article by: Sierra Kane

When I started dancing Lindy Hop the most difficult thing for me was to see so many great dancers doing things I wanted to be able do. I wanted to be awesome immediately! Dancing though, like any other sport or skill, takes time and effort. Here are some tips that can help you improve your dancing.

Know the basics well
Know the basics and know them well before moving on. It’s easy to want to get ahead of yourself and start working on those awesome moves and styling, but if you have a good understanding of the basics the fun moves and styling will come more naturally.

Learn from a variety of teachers
Each teacher has a different style of teaching. You will learn different things from each one...

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