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How to Find Vintage Treasures Thrifting

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Article by: Sierra Kane

I love getting all gussied up to go out dancing. It’s fun! When I see a man in a suit, I melt. If it’s a vintage suit I turn into a marshmallow in a campfire! And who doesn’t love a finely clad female? Looking good comes at a price, and unfortunately for swing dancers, with popular shows and movies like Man Men, Boardwalk Empire, and The Great Gatsby, the prices are on the rise. These seven tips will help you find fabulous treasures at thrift shops so you can start fires in all your on-lookers’ hearts!

Look Where Others Aren’t:
The best vintage jewelry I own I bought at a consignment shop in Milwaukee. It consisted mostly of antique furniture, dishes, and knick-knacks, but I decided to check it out anyway...

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