10 of the Best Dance Camps

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Article by: Sierra Kane


Best Competition Camp:

ILHC is a great event to attend if you are interested in competitions. They have a variety of leveled competitions so you can see where you stand among the rest. Here you can also watch some of the best of the best compete. They also offer a juniors division for ages seventeen and under with separate competitions and classes.


Lindy Focus

Best Variety of Dances:

This camp offers something for all types of dancers, with full tracks in Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Blues. Also, if desired, you can “supplement your Track with Add-Ons (Various levels of Balboa, Blues, Jazz, and Lindy Hop, Charleston, Cross Training, Music, and more)”. Because this event is so popular a lot of great dancers show up.


Frankie’s Birthday

Most Inspiring Camp:

Frankie Manning, or the King of Swing has been inspiring swing dancers for decades so it’s not surprising that an annual New York Weekend in his honor would do the same. Things to look forward to include the midnight countdown to Frankie’s birthday and the parade that takes place on the May 26th, World Lindy Hop day.



Best International Camp:

Herrang is what I consider to be the swing dancer pilgrimage. All devoted swing dancers try to make the journey to Herrang at a certain point in their swing dancing career. This camp in Sweeden takes over the entire village for four unique weeks. Consistently good dancers attend from around the world. Each week they devote Wednesday mornings to Cultural Activities. According to their website, some of these activities include, “soccer games, photography lessons, tours, language classes, berry picking, making postcards, singing groups, juggling, yoga and much much more”.


Balboa Experiment

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Best Vacation Camp:

If you want to mix dance business with pleasure and you love Balboa this is the camp for you. It is held in a three-stories ocean side estate. The amenities are beautiful and in a secluded part of North Carolina. Every person who I have talked to who has attended this event said it was an amazing experience of collaboration and learning. You have to apply to get a spot and they fill up quick months in advance so be sure check the website before Halloween if you want to attend the following year’s event in April.


Camp Hollywood

Best Party Weekend:

No need to fight for your right to party here, it’s included in the ticket. In fact, there is a weekend purchase option labeled “The Party Pass”. The weekend takes place at the Marriott hotel near LAX and offers fun themed nights, underground contests, and occasionally Nick Williams in his boxers.


Inspiration Weekend

Most Creative Contests:

Inspiration weekend does a great job each year providing fun creative contests with a wide variety of appeal. There is a beginner Jack and Jill where the finalists get to dance with pros, a cabaret anything goes contest, and the ever popular 30 second showcase to name a few. I also appreciate the way this event organizes its tracks, dividing it into the categories of social dancers track, competitors track, and a teachers track.


All Balboa Weekend

The Best of Balboa:

If you love Balboa and want a full weekend of it attend this camp. My favorite part about this event is that you can social dance bal all night! With more then just the three people in your community who dance bal.


Camp Jitterbug

Best Jazz Exploration:

This camp offers more solo jazz classes then most weekends and even offers tap classes for those participants interested. The weekend kicks off with a Jump Session Show featuring Lindy Hop and Jazz. All the proceeds of the show go to the Camp Fire Boys & Girls Clubs charity that funds Jazz and Swing programs at children’s leadership summer camps.


Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown

jazz 10 of the Best Dance Camps

Best music:

New Orleans is cited as the birthplace of jazz. The music is authentic, original, and improvisational it is sure to make you want to swing! Why not dance indoors and out in a beautiful city to songs that have character!?



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