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Article by: Sierra Kane

Many local swing dancers know that in Southern California we are spoiled with a large community of advanced social dancers who regularly go out dancing. I believe this is because Southern California is the home of the “Pros”. Many internationally recognized professional Lindy and Balboa teachers call Los Angeles and Orange County their home, and we are happy to have them! No matter what level you are at every dancer could benefit from the occasional group or private lesson. Below is a list of a few highly recommended local instructors.


Great Teacher:

Laura Keat- Laura is one of the best at communicating the focus or emphasis of each lesson. She helps you really feel like you have comprehended the material and have something to take away. She is a great dancer who really knows how to teach well.   (Pictured Above)



Nick Williams- Nick is talented, knowledgeable, and confident. Many people would cut off their big toe to get a lesson with him, and would still probably come out a better dancer for it.


Great Group Classes:

Ben and Sheri- They know what they are talking about and they know how to talk about it. They keep their group classes fun, engaging, and provide good exercises.



Jeremy Otth- Since Jeremy is such a great natural dancer he pushes you to be better with the advanced moves he teaches and specific corrections he provides.   (Pictured Above)


Great for Follows:

Irina Amzashvili- She recently learned Lindy herself so she may better understand the stage you’re at or your struggle better then some. She has a good understanding of the basics and styling.


Great for Balboa:

Chris and Beth- This picturesque vintage couple is a great asset to Southern California with their clear and kind teaching style. They humbly continue to inspire Balboa dancers, including the pros.


Great for Balboa Beginners:

Natalia Eristavi: She has quickly become one of the best Balboa follows in the area and she is a pretty good Balboa lead too.


Great for Lindy Beginners:

Peter Falhiff- On the social floor Peter is known for making his partner feel like a million bucks! Somehow he manages to maintain that in his lessons as well.


Personal Approach:

Augie Freeman- If you take a group class with Augie you can always approach him after and he will provide great specific feedback. In private lessons he really makes you feel like he has a personal interest in making you a better dancer.   (Pictured Here)

auggie Great Local Instructors


Great for Leads & Aerials:

Steve Sayer- This man knows how to lead and he knows how to do it well. He is also a good resource for aerials.


Great for Shag:

Morgan Day- He’ll teach you how to Shag with a smile and a sense of humor.


It is possible I have left out some equally awesome instructors so please feel free to message me with your nominations. Thanks!

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