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10 Tips for Beginners

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Article by: Sierra Kane

When I started dancing Lindy Hop the most difficult thing for me was to see so many great dancers doing things I wanted to be able do. I wanted to be awesome immediately! Dancing though, like any other sport or skill, takes time and effort. Here are some tips that can help you improve your dancing.

Know the basics well
Know the basics and know them well before moving on. It’s easy to want to get ahead of yourself and start working on those awesome moves and styling, but if you have a good understanding of the basics the fun moves and styling will come more naturally.

Learn from a variety of teachers
Each teacher has a different style of teaching. You will learn different things from each one...

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Is YouTube Causing Lindy Hoppers More Harm Than Good?

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Article by: Sierra Kane

As each new form communication develops, it enhances the public’s social knowledge of swing dancing, which in turn promotes the growth of the dance. Swing dancing was initially spread interpersonally from soldiers during World War II with the help of radio waves. Then we saw the visually dissemination of swing on television in the 50’s. Now, the primary source speaking to the public on behalf of swing dancing is YouTube. YouTube has helped swing dance to continue to advance and thrive globally, “one of the largest emerging dance communities is in Seoul, Korea with over 5000 dancers in 14 venues” as of 2012 and it is growing rapidly, according to

YouTube has been key to the pro...

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